How to Make Hair Grow Thicker

Natural Way to Thicken Hair...

If you’re desperate to know how to make hair grow thicker you’re not alone.

Having long  thick, silky smooth hair is the dream of every girl. Unfortunately, you can not grow your hair from thinning to thicker overnight.

But the good news is you can begin the process of making your hair grow thicker immediately.

Achieving thicker hair requires patience and proper care of your hair. Although it is a slow process, there are many natural things you can do to make your hair grow thicker, full of life and faster.

So here we go.

First of all Get a haircut from your hairdressers in Livingston when you observe any broken  or split ends. Cutting your hair regularly (every six to eight weeks) will make you feel confident, happy, and above all less stressed.

It’s a proven fact that stress can promote a whole variety of illnesses, from high blood pressure to stomach ulcers, and this will all impact on your bodies ability to make your hair grow thicker.

Wash your  hair with a low ph shampoo and use the same brand conditioner. Choosing professional quality products to strengthen and protect hair from breakage.

Washing your hair with a low ph shampoo such as Alpecin shampoo will make your hair more Alkaline. Having your hair more Alkaline will help it to grow thicker. Why? Because the opposite of Alkaline is Acid!

Acid does not encourage thicker hair growth, so avoid cheap shampoos, they may work well at cleaning your hair, but stop your hair from growing thicker.

Gently massage your scalp for at least 5-10 minutes each day to stimulate hair growth and make your hair grow thicker.

Take a folic acid supplement every day. Having a healthy, well balanced diet is will aid your hair growth considerably. A diet with plenty of vitamins B12, calcium, iron and zinc will help your hair grow faster naturally and give the thick hair you want.

Fresh fish, eggs,  along with cheese, lentils, nuts and other nutritious foods can improve your overall health and promote faster growing hair and nails.

Colouring, perming, straightening or bleaching your hair can cause damage that inhibits hair growth. Talk to your Stylist in Livingston about ways you can repair damaged hair.

Be moderate though, folic acid is a hair growing supplement with numerous health benefits, too much of it can cause serious health problems.

Never brush your hair when wet. Instead, use a wide tooth comb to detangle. To learn more on how to make hair grow thicker, I’ve written an article on what foods make your hair grow.

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