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Q: How I can know if my hair is healthy? I mean, I think it is corrupt because it is difficult to control. (I have very curly hair that curls and tangles easily). But my mum says it's just the way it is with my hair and you can not do anything about it. I like the curls that I have but I'm tired of having such a wild style.

A. I know many women with very healthy frizzy hair who think their hair is not healthy because of the amount, and volume of hair they have.

I also know many women whose hair is seriously damaged but attributed this condition to the fact that they have curly hair. To help quell this confusion, I offer these guidelines for healthy hair:

 • Healthy hair is shiny and smooth.

 • Healthy hair doesn’t get tangled too easily

 • Healthy hair is clean and not too fatty.

For women with very curly hair sometimes hair can be healthy but it seems to rebel. Most often this happens because they need a styling product to help keep the cuticle layer smoother and lubricated.

Using a smoothing serum on the hair while it is still wet, gently combing is a good way to help control the hair without much fuss. You can also use styling gels and ointments.

The point is to drive the rollers and make sure they are all arranged in an orderly manner. Damaged hair is often too dry, and to treat damaged hair involves using a rich moisturizer to restore moisture to the hair shaft.

After using a conditioning shampoo, you should follow up with a leave-in conditioner and still rolling with a spray to help seal in moisture and add shine. Try to avoid playing and twitching once your hair has been combed. With curly hair, the more you handle it once it is dry, the more likely you are to get frizz.

Making an appointment at your hairdresser in Livingston will let you know for sure if your curly hair is healthy.


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