Hairdressers Livingston Deans - How to Protect Your Hair From Getting Split Ends (Tricks)

If you’ve just had a lovely cut at hairdressers Livingston Deans, you’ll want to know how to protect your hair from getting split ends and ruining the look before your ready to have your hair cut again.

Here are some tricks to protect your hair from getting split ends…

Avoid rubbing your hair harshly with the towel after washing, instead softly use fingers to only remove excess moisture and allow ventilation.

Avoid trying to detangle your hair  with sudden spurts, especially when wet, this only makes breaks and mistreats your hair more than you can imagine.

If you dry your hair, try to do it with the blower 30 inches away, never bring the dryer right up to  your head, otherwise it dries out too quickly, with the colder air less is damage done.

Place compresses of warm olive oil on the ends, put a shower cap and leave on for an hour and then rinse with a shampoo for dry or damaged hair.

Try not to use the dryer or the plate but if you can not quit, apply a serum or cream first to protect the tips before using these tools.

Try to get accustomed  getting a professional hairdressers Livingston Deans to cut the ends every two months to maintain good hair care and make it grow longer if desired.

Use intensive masks and creams once a week to give your hair extra moisture and avoid weak or brittle ends.

Try not to wash your hair with hot water, since both the skin of the body where the scalp is can become irritated and you’ll mistreat the much more sensitive areas of the hair, such as the tips.

Remember that split ends and not closed, it is important to spruce up your hair by cutting often, if you want to grow it long, keep it looking good throughout the journey.

Go to a professional hairdressers Livingston Deans. Having split ends will also depend to a large extent on how your hair was cut, it is good advice, and it is better to pay a little more to prevent damage like this.

Use nourishing treatments that penetrate the tips; intensive conditioners and moisturizing masks, usually are very successful in protecting your hair from getting split ends.

Note that if you have a haircut with layers is easier to have split ends, when you have your hair cut professionally, they will debase only the volume and level it correctly.

Replace dryers and irons for waxes, gels and creams that provide essential vitamins to hair and help control it.

It is advisable to use several types of shampoo. Once a month use a purifying shampoo that removes toxins and waste hair, then alternate from one to two times a week using various specialized products for brittle split ends, this will help balance the negative effects of the dryer and iron.

Apply wheat germ oil to nourish the tips, this ingredient is very good for its high content in fatty acids that strengthen themselves in the hair cuticle.