Hairdressers Livingston Centre - How to Stop Hair Being Static

Do you not know what to do at hairdressers Livingston Centre, when your hair is rebelling against you? Want to know how to stop hair being static?

We will help you have silky hair that’s free from electric charges.

Static electricity is one type of energy generated  as a result of excess electric charges accumulating in certain materials, typically caused by friction, for example, by brushing the hair tightly.

It’s a problem for many women here at hairdressers in Livingston. We wash, dry and comb our hair very well, however, it looks as if we’ve had a big scare, when the hairs stiffen because of static electricity. The accumulation of power can be caused by temperature changes, the ingredients of shampoo, conditioners used to excess, brush material and the force with which you comb your hair, and the material of the clothes you wear.

A simple static electricity test for your hair.

We propose a test to see if your hair is in good condition, hold a powerful lamp and stand before the mirror. Put the lamp behind your head make sure you’re not seeing the light reflected in the mirror.

If you see a halo around it, this is a sign that your hair is in trouble. Static electricity is creating  the halo effect, because your cuticle are damaged. In these cases the sample unruly hair will tend to form split ends. The important thing is to keep your hair moisturized because dry hair tends to break more easily because they are more rigid. Hence the importance of using special products that have been created precisely to get strong hair.

How to eliminate static hair.

Before exiting the shower, rinse your hair with cold water. That seals the cuticles and softens hair strands. If your hair is very dry, do not wash with shampoo every day. Just clean it in the shower and dry with a towel. This protects your hair when wet because wet hair is fragile.

After washing your hair before you detangle, dry your hair thoroughly with a towel. Excess water is not good before subjecting to a hot air dryer, and iron clamps. Do not rub your hair with the towel, gently dry yourself.

After applying a small quantity of a rinse conditioner no more than required. Distribute using a coarse tooth comb to separate, the longer your hair, the thicker the comb tooth should be. Do not use metal brushes or artificial fibres, you'll do better with wood, natural bristle and barbed Boar.

Apply a mask to your hair at least once a week. That will help keep it healthy and will not split. Use products to shape your hair which in turn will help to calm the static electricity.

These products correspond to a wide range  of styling and include waxes, pomades, silicones, mouse, sprays, creams anti-frizz, etc.

There is the option of applying natural treatments with olive oil, avocado or almonds, mayonnaise or eggs. The iron is good to have in straight hair, but make sure you spend it with great care. If your hair is still electrified, stop using a spraying lacquer comb. One of the most important steps to maintaining beautiful hair is knowing how to select a good shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Do not skimp on your beauty at hairdressers Livingston centre.

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