Hairdressers Livingston - What Hair Colour Suits Pale Skin And Blue Eyes?

Showcase Your Blue Eyes Like Sparkling Gems Every Girl Will Envy...

So what hair colour suits pale skin and blue eyes?

Hairdressers Livingston answers:

Finding the hair colour that makes your blue eyes stand out and look natural is a mission with serious consequences. If you get it wrong, the results can make you look anaemic or alter the natural look of your skin so bad it can make your friends think you are ill.

To get it right, you have to consider how colour interacts with your skin tone and eyes, and what message you want to project.

Colour Palette.

Blue-eyed girls look good in a wide range of colours from light blonde to medium brown. Reds are also a possibility for some. The colour hue, you see shining in the Livingston daylight, is more important than the colour base.

The key to success is to match this subtle shade with your skin tone. Choose a colour that is not more than three or four shades away from your natural colour (if you can remember this after a long association with a bottle of hair dye).

Warm or cold?

A children's entertainer from West Lothian recommended this to me. Before you start looking at the colour samples at your hairdressers, it begins with a careful examination of the veins on the inside of the arm to daylight. Avoid artificial light, which makes everyone look like a green-skinned Martian.

If your veins look blue, your skin tone is more likely to be in the "cold". If you see a greenish tint of your veins, you are probably one of the strange girls with blue eyes and a "hot" skin tone.

To confirm this initial assessment, hold a piece of gold jewellery against your skin, and then a piece of shiny silver. If gold looks better on you, you will suit warm colours. If silver looks better, you are a descended from the family of cool tones.


The hair colours that highlight your skin tone usually work best. Shades of gold, amber and yellow for warm skin tones and ash tones or "natural" for the ladies of the kingdom of cold skin.

If your skin has yellow tones, try the wide spectrum of blonde to brown with golden tones, like honey blonde or light brown with golden highlights.

If you have blue veins, you can remove the colours ranging from platinum blonde and medium brown ash, as long as you stay with the colours that are blue or silver shades. Also you can be bold and go with the red, but be careful to avoid shades with lots of the colours orange or yellow.

If your skin has a pink tone, be careful of the colours that have a lot of red, as it can exaggerate the red skin and make you look like a candidate for high blood pressure. .


If you’re a women in Livingston with blue eyes you’ll look good in lots of shades, but you’ll want to choose one that sends out the right message.

According to stylists Jon Patrick and David Ingham, different hair colours send out different messages. Brown, for example, gives you a conservative image of "good girl". Red tells the world that you are determined and do not accept a seat in the back row of the boardroom.

Blondes may have more fun, but also face the unfortunate stereotype of being less than smart, so think twice before you get (or stay) blonde if you work in an environment where you might  struggle to be taken seriously.

Make an appointment with your hairdressers in Livingston  and showcase your blue eyes.

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