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Children's Hairstyles and Your Party Entertainer in West Lothian

Children's Party Hairstyles


Children's party hairstyles are very important. Especially for girls. They want to look exactly like a young woman.

From a very young age they are fascinated by their mums hair, and make up. And they just want to look good too.

Luckily young children are normally blessed with very thick and pliable hair, and they have a huge range of options often not available to older people.

At that age tight buns and braids aren't really a problem, and they can get to show off some really fancy hairstyles.

And when there is a children's party entertainer in West Lothian, what better time to get a makeover?

Best Hairstyles For Young Ladies


The best hairstyles for young ladies, are really the ones that are practical as well as good looking. And actually not every child is the same.

The best style will be the one most suited to your child. It will enhance her face shape, and give her the most beautiful eyes.

For example if your child has very fine hair, then a chin length bob will look amazing, and really show off her eyes.

And it's really practical too, and won't get her into any difficulties.

But isn't a bob rather plain Jane? There's a party to go to.

Not when it's adorned with fancy twists, and little French pleats. And you have a choice of accessories for that finishing touch.

If your child has thick shiny hair, or lovely big curls, she can really go to town with some attention grabbing up-dos or down-dos.

Some parents don't want their children to look like a doll, with those super tight buns and braids, accompanied with thick make up, that makes them look much older.

And that's fine. A more conservative look can be just as stunning.

A nice ponytail with double braids, or a looser high bun, or head band with braiding would look very stylish at a children's party. Plus it wouldn't take very long to do.

It's the small details can really make an ordinary hairstyle look incredible. Just a thin braid here, and a couple of twists there, can work wonders.



You Never Knew Your Hair Can be a Sign of These Health Problems

You probably know that your skin and nails and tongue can show up signs of health problems. But what about your hair?

We know that doctors can do an analysis of your hair, and see if you're deficient in any vitamins or minerals. But is there anything you can do at home?

Are there any signs you can look for that indicate health problems?

Well yes.

If it's dry, brittle and falling out, these can be signs of health problems. It could either be thyroid, or it could be a fat deficiency, or a protein deficiency.

So vegetarians might have it, because the hair follicle is made up of proteins, trace minerals, and fats.

If you don't have the right nutrients to nourish the hair follicle, the hair follicle shrinks, and then the hair falls out.

But also there could be problems with the thyroid. Symptoms of thyroid insufficiency, or hypothyroidism are brittle dry hair, and loss of hair.

If you see these signs in your hair, and you're also feeling tired, or you've been putting on weight, you may be suffering from hypothyroidism, and you should speak to your doctor.

Of course people with adrenal problems can also lose their hair over stress. Men can have premature balding because of bad testosterone. So if they ate good fats they would make good testosterone.

And not go into the bad testosterone that makes the hair fall out and gives them prostate disease.

Supplements for hair health can make up these deficiencies.

A good diet can help improve your health, and therefore change the way your hair looks as well.

Your hair is mostly comprised of protein. So it's critical to have it in your diet. Your protein intake can come from a variety of sources. Even if you're vegetarian.

It can come from animal meats, and be plant based. Nuts, legumes like beans and lentils are also rich in hair strengthening protein.

Iron is absolutely critical for delivering oxygen throughout the cells in your body. And zinc is essential for a healthy immune system, and cell division.

Both of these minerals iron and zinc are best absorbed in our bodies when they come from animal sources, but with timing, and pairing with just the right vitamin, you can help your body to absorb most of these minerals from plant based sources.

What's pairing got to do with it?

Certain foods contain vitamins and minerals when paired together, work well together, and compliment each other. Whereas other pairings can actually inhibit absorption. For example iron... Vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron. But calcium does just the opposite.

Eating fats like nuts, can help your body absorb vital vitamins for both your health, and your hair.

Adding essential omega 3 fatty acids to your diet, can make a huge impact on your health and well being.

And you will see it in your hair.

You can get omega 3 from nuts and oils, but especially from oily fish. It's a well known fact that fish oils can give you beautiful shiny hair.


Supplements For Hair Loss And Thinning: The Good & The Bad

Some Are Better Than Others...

There are lots of supplements for hair loss and thinning that claim to reverse the problem, and give you fresh hair.

Here’s the low down on some of the more popular claims. Are they good, or are they bad?

Looking at pictures of yourself, you may have noticed that your hair has gotten a lot thinner than it used to be.

Perhaps you’ve known about it for a while, but you’ve managed to get through life with some careful combing, and those handy hair volume products.

The trouble is, there’s a limit to what these beauty products can do, and if you’re losing hair, there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

A lot of people have found success with supplements specifically for hair loss and thinning. And the medical community agree that natural vitamin supplements can aid modern research and development with hair loss.

But can taking a hair loss supplement really give you beautiful hair?

Viviscal Supplements For Thinning Hair

Viviscal supplements for thinning hair are a vitamin supplement that’s highly recommended by some high end hairdressers.

It contains a variety of natural ingredients, along with a marine protein that seems to encourage hair growth.

Viviscal supplements have become incredibly popular. But I have seen some reviews where someone has taken the product over a period of at least 6 months, and yet their hair has continued to get thinner.

This doesn’t mean Viviscal is a bad supplement. It just means it hasn’t helped some individuals with hair loss or thinning.

So Viviscal is a good supplement, and can be combined with all other treatments currently available.

Saw Palmetto Extract Hair Loss Supplement


Saw palmetto extract hair loss supplement is very popular, and even recommended by some hair loss surgeons.

Yet there is no concrete proof that it will work, and in fact there are saw palmetto side effects you might want to be aware of.

So I think it would be a bad idea to rest your hopes on saw palmetto extract giving you a beautiful head of hair.

Biotin Hair Loss Supplement

Some people swear by the biotin hair loss supplement. It’s not expensive, and it will certainly do you no harm to try it.

It’s a good supplement, because your hair needs it to grow. In fact without biotin you would lose your hair.

But will it really help your hair to grow? In my article biotin for hair growth, I expose the real facts about biotin. You’ll be surprised.

There are absolutely no side effects with biotin, and your body will naturally get rid of any biotin it doesn’t need.

Vitamin D Hair Loss Regrowth Supplements

Vitamin d hair loss regrowth supplements? It’s certainly possible that you could be deficient in vitamin d. You get vitamin d from the sun. You may not be out in the sun very often, and when you are you might use sun block.

Therefore it’s always a good idea to take a vitamin d supplement. But will vitamin d help hair loss or thinning? Probably not. There is nothing documented to suggest that it will.

Is Vitamin A Good For Hair Loss? Warning!

Is vitamin a good for hair loss? Yes and no. But there is a warning. Too much vitamin a can actually cause hair loss, whether you’re biologically predetermined or not.

You will regularly see vitamin a included in supplements aimed at helping your hair, skin and nails. That’s because it’s an important antioxidant that can help to give you youthful hair.

But unlike biotin, vitamin a is retained by your body. If you have too much it will get stored up to dangerous levels.

Not only can it harm your hair, it’s dangerous for your liver, and will make you tired and sick feeling. It has to be measured out carefully before you buy supplements for hair loss.

Eating the right foods will give you all the vitamin a you need, and there’s no risk of taking too much in food form.

har vokse hair growth supplement

Har Vokse hair growth supplement is similar to Viviscal in that it contains a marine protein complex. It’s the only natural hair growth supplement that has been double blind tested under strict medical conditions.

I must warn you though, that the high success rate achieved by restoring hair in the group suffering from genetic hair loss, was using the dual treatment.

That is both the supplements to be taken orally, and the treatment spray which is applied topically.

You can buy them both individually. But if you’re serious about stopping hair loss, it makes sense that you take the dual treatment.

You can see the actual double blind case study on this page.


Acai Berry And Hair Growth - Is Acai Berry Good For Hair Growth?

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Is Acai Berry good for hair growth? The super food Acai Berry and hair growth link is not surprising.

Acai Berry is good for your whole body, including healthy hair growth.

But if you’re suffering from hair loss, or your hair is thinning, well that’s a different thing altogether. The only way to stop further hair loss is with a medically endorsed hair loss treatment program.

Acai Berry is not a hair loss cure. Although high quality pure Acai Berry pills contain ingredients like green tea that have been linked to helping hair loss, there is no current evidence to suggest that taking the pills will recover lost hair.

If you’re taking Acai Berry to lose weight though, an added benefit is that the anti aging antioxidants in them will help your hair to look younger looking, and healthy.

Acai Berry pills have been around for a while as a slimming aid. But improvements have been made in recent times with the quality of the product.

Pure Acai Berry slimming pills, combined with special ingredients now offer more effective fat burning qualities, combined with less craving for food. And as an added bonus you get a healthy boost to your hair.

If you’re buying Pure Acai Berry online for fast weight loss make sure you buy from a reputable company.
You can find one here with low prices.

Of course all fruit and vegetables are good for you. I don‘t need to tell you that. But did you know that the Acai Berry has ten times the youthful antioxidants than red grapes?

That’s phenomenal.

Just beware of the scams and inferior products that are out there. It’s the real deal here.

Pure Acai Berry is just that. 100% pure Acai Berry fruit delivered to your system. There are no extracts nor are there any fillers used.

Combined with powerful yet natural ingredients, that speed up your metabolism, and burn fat.

These include extract of green tea. Also very high in antioxidants. Green tea is known to boost your immune system, giving you more strength to keep going without feeling the need to eat as much.

It’s also been linked to hair restoration. Although there have been no medical studies to prove that it can restore thinning hair.

You also get extract of Guarana seed. This is a safe stimulant that’s two and a half times more potent than coffee.

Again adding to your energy, and not feeling that dip in the day, where you need to eat more.

The Chromium Polynicotinate, for some reason has the ability to turn fat into energy. And helps your body to more efficiently process Glucose. Thereby stopping it from turning into fat.

Pure Acai Berry pills are great as a supplement with your meals, giving you age reversing antioxidants, that help to minimize damaging toxins present in your system. On top of that, you get ingredients that burn fat, and stop your bodies natural Glucose from turning into fat.

At the same time, your increased metabolism will give you more energy, which in it’s self will promote more fat burning, and calorie reduction.

Make no mistake about the power of the Acai Berry.

If you’ve seen bad reviews, the writer will probably have fallen for one of the many scams, or bought an inferior product.

Avoid hyped up sales letters, and offers of free products that actually take money from your credit card.

Buy from a secure company here.

If you have high blood pressure, or heart problems you shouldn’t take Acai berry pills. This includes prostate and thyroid problems.

Do Fat Burners Cause Hair Loss? The Truth Exposed

Do fat burners cause hair loss? It depends.

Beware of any illegal fat burners, or fat burning drugs. All drugs, even innocent one’s can have side effects, and interfere with your hormones.

There are many common, every day drugs that have been associated with hair loss.

On the other hand fat burners such as Nuratrim that contain ingredients that are all natural won’t.

If your experiencing hair loss, whilst using a natural fat burner, it’s very likely caused by male or female pattern baldness.

There is nothing in Nuratrim that can alter your bodies hormones. Hair loss is very common, and can affect men as young as 18. Women are usually in middle age when they lose some hair.

In which case taking Nuratrim will not make you lose any more hair, nor will it help you to re-gain any hair that you have lost.

For that you would need treatment for your hair loss.

There are specific drugs that are approved by the FDA for treating hair loss, but of course as with all drugs, there can be side effects.

Is there a natural alternative to treating hair loss? Yes there is.  I went to a lot of trouble to find out if it really works, and I found the answer here.

There is no need to worry about using fat burners to lose weight, as long as all of the ingredients are completely natural, and you buy them from a reputable source.

In fact if you’re balding, losing weight is a fantastic way to transform your appearance, and make yourself more attractive.

Look at those athletes on the Olympics. Some of those men are going bald, but you hardly notice because the have such an attractive physique.

Nuratrim is a very popular way to get slim quicker. And because it’s not a drug, it’s completely safe and won’t affect your hair follicles.

The natural ingredients work by increasing your metabolism, causing your body to use more energy, and therefore burn fat quicker.

Whilst at the same time keep your blood sugar level balanced.

This means that anything you put in your mouth will get burned up quicker. And as long as you’re not constantly cramming food into your mouth, it will go on to burn your excess weight.

With a better metabolism, you will have more energy to push yourself through the day. It will multiply the calories you would normally burn just going for a walk.

Nuratrim combined with more exercise will do wonders for your cholesterol. Although you can’t see your cholesterol. Stopping cholesterol from clogging up your arteries means more oxygen will be allowed to freely circulate around your body. This is important for healthy hair growth as well, Because your hair follicles feed off your blood cells.

The only downside about Nuratrim is that although most of the increased energy you’ll get will be completely natural. There is a little caffeine stimulation as well.

You should also avoid Nuratrim if you’re pregnant, or breast feeding.

When you visit the official supplier, you also get a free diet plan to work in harmony with taking the pills so that you can more effectively get rid of those last few pounds.



Xeljanz Hair Loss Treatment For Alopecia Universalis

==>Natural Regrowth case study has 90% success

Xeljanz hair loss treatment for Alopecia Universalis is giving hope to thousands of sufferers.

The arthritis drug Xeljanz was administered to a man suffering from Alopecia Universalis. This is the worst form of Alopecia with the symptoms being complete and total baldness.

To date there has been no cure for anyone with Alopecia. Could this breakthrough change everything?

It’s caused by a some type of autoimmune dysfunction where the body attacks itself. The complete baldness isn’t limited to the hair on your head, all the hairs on your eyebrows, and eyelashes disappear as well.

It’s an unpredictable condition that can happen to anyone without warning, weather you’re male or female. And what age you are is irrelevant.

Your hair, skin and nails are all connected, so they can all be affected.

Sometimes the hair can all of a sudden just grow back, if you’re lucky. For others it doesn’t.

Well a twenty five year old man was being treated at the Yale University School of Medicine when the discovery was made.

He was being treated for a very severe form of psoriasis which causes inflammation, and scaling of the skin.

Upon examination by the medical staff, he was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. They decided to administer the drug Xelajanz not only for his skin condition, but to treat the Alopecia as well.

At the time of treatment the man had virtually no hair whatsoever.

He was prescribed the drug Xeljanz to be taken over a period of eight months. It’s a pill which he took orally.

So what was the result.

Well for his psoriasis not much improvement. The drug was considered to have made a mild improvement on his skin condition.

But remarkably his hair loss had been reversed.

The young man had completely re-grown all the hair on his head. Not only that, his eyebrows, and eyelashes had grown back. Plus all the other bodily hair that a man is supposed to have.

And on top of that the man didn’t have any side effects.

Whilst this is very encouraging  there are in fact side effects involved with the use of this drug on arthritis patients, so lots more testing will be needed.

In fact the side effects are quite serious, including raising cholesterol levels, and affecting the blood cells so that you would open to infection.

So how does Xeljanz reverse hair loss?

It does it by desensitizing your immune system, so that patients with an autoimmune dysfunction like Alopecia Universalis, where the body turns on itself and views hair as an enemy.

Now stops viewing hair as the enemy, and allows it to re-grow.

This could lead to much bigger problems though in the long term. Desensitizing your immune system would lead to all sorts of infections. And could allow things like cancer to develop without any protection.

Dr King from the Yale University is planning on helping more people with chronic autoimmune problems.

At the moment Xeljanz is taken orally as a pill. And obviously there are serious side effects with this method. But Dr King is planning to produce Xeljanz in the form of a cream.

It could then be used topically to cure hair loss.

Taking it as a cream would drastically reduce any side effects, and would focus the treatment directly at the problem.

This is great news for people suffering from autoimmune dysfunction. But if you’re suffering from male or female pattern baldness it won’t be of any help to you whatsoever.

Pattern baldness has nothing to do with your autoimmune system. But rather is mostly caused by your genetics and hormones.

There are drugs that can relieve the symptoms of male pattern baldness, but there are issues with side effects, even though approved by the FDA.

There are no side effects with natural hair restoration. A clinical test got a 90% success rate re-growing lost hair. You can read about it here.


Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? - Facts You Need to Know

The Facts About Creatine And Hair Loss:

Does creatine cause hair loss first of all?

If you’re into fitness and body building, and use the latest creatine supplements to boost your results. You may have noticed people on the internet saying creatine causes hair loss.

Are you taking creatine and noticed that your hair is getting thinner?

If so, you’ll want to know the facts.

The main reason for concerns that creatine may cause hair loss is because of it’s ability to rapidly improve your muscle growth, which also increases testosterone.

And here is were the concern lies.

It’s a well known fact, that it’s a hormonal occurrence which involves testosterone that causes hair loss, and baldness.

What actually happens is, an enzyme called alpha 5-reductase reacts with testosterone, and converts it to dihydrotestosterone.

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT basically makes the hair follicles shrink to the point where they become invisible.

Your hair goes through cycles of growth, then fall out, only to be replaced by new hair growth. The problem is though, when DHT is attacking your hair, each new cycle of hair growth gets smaller, and smaller, until you look in the mirror one morning only to see bald patches.

That’s the theory behind the worry that creatine might be causing hair loss.

Whilst it’s true that creatine does in fact increase the amount of DHT in your body, there is no actual evidence that creatine in itself causes hair loss.

The fact of the matter is, that not everyone is genetically predisposed to lose their hair.

Many body builders have been taking creatine over a long time period, and still retain a full head of beautiful hair.

So if you’re thinning for example at the crown of your head, it’s most probably down to male pattern baldness, which can be treated naturally.

You may have heard about the college studies where a bunch of twenty odd year old rugby players had greatly increased testosterone levels after taking creatine.

In fact my guess is, it’s that very report that’s got you worried about taking creatine, and led you to this page.

Well worry no more.

Exercise on it’s own greatly increases your testosterone level. With or without creatine supplements.

The University of Maryland reassures us that:

“Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid (protein building block) that's found in meat and fish, and also made by the human body in the liver, kidneys, and pancreas.”

So it’s an amino acid. Your body is mostly made up of amino acids. It doesn’t interfere with your hormones.

As long as you don’t take more than the product tells you to, you shouldn’t have any side effects whatsoever from taking creatine. Including hair loss.

If you’re hair is thinning it’s likely got nothing to do with the fact your taking the new creatine supplement, and probably male pattern baldness which you can address right now.

The longer you leave it, the less likely you will be able to re-grow lost hair.